About OurFarm

Who we are and what we do.

“A country which cannot afford art or agriculture, invention or tradition, is a country in which one cannot afford to live.” John Maynard Keynes

Since its inception in 2013, by NCAD Students’ Union and Dublin Community Growers we have sought to turn raw materials such as land, compost and waste into the resources needed for the intensive growing of seasonal food.
In turn, the Garden aims to use the production and provision of organic food as a resource for social and artistic activity. With the structure and support of a number of state, voluntary and business organisations and its location within the National College of Art & Design, the project is designed as an inclusive resource for the student, residential and business community.

Following on from RAG Week ’14 and our golden friendship with Liberties Green Grocer / ostensible Mayor of Meath Street / Chairman of CAP (Community Addiction Programme)*and* the local policing forum / all-round happiest man in the world; Jack Roche, we began working with the CAP rehabilitation team.


We strongly believe people who come to work with us should be provided with exciting opportunities with some of the very best practitioners in the fields of culture, food and entrepreneurship, allowing everyone involved to learn from a wide-range of successful individuals and projects, so as to determine their own pathway to interests, recovery, education and employment. A growing partnership which led to involving DePaul Trust, CMS Learning, Dublin City Council, Alupro Ireland, Merchants Quay, Garda Youth Liaison Officers, NCAD Gallery & Social Entrepreneurs Ireland.

The Our Farm site is being developed further with a view to certified organic status, the provision of accredited learning and employment opportunities for participants and we are working with a number of designer practitioners to develop marketing strategies for our produce, (fresh organic veg, and ready-to-go raised-bed garden allotments) and group activity programmes for our participants.